Monday, February 2, 2009

1-2-3 Cake

One more cake recipe it is another pampered chef recipe and it is super easy. I got this recipe from Julie Smith Pampered chef Director. In the picture I used chocolate cake, chocolate chips and store bought chocolate frosting(I had a half a can of chocolate frosting I just microwaved it and drizzled it on the cake instead of following the frosting recipe).

Easiest microwave cake you could ever make!!

1-2-3 CAKE
1 pkg. (18.25 oz.) cake mix, any flavor
1 c. baking chips (any complimentary flavor to cake)
2 c. sour cream
3 eggs

Mix all the ingredients together in the Classic Batter Bowl. Spray the Stoneware Fluted Pan with cooking spray or vegetable oil from the Kitchen Spritzer. Evenly spread cake batter (batter will be a little thick) in Fluted Pan. Microwave on HIGH 11-14 minutes or until Cake Tester inserted in center comes out clean. (Cake will be slightly moist on top near center. DO NOT overbake.) Let it sit for about 5 minutes. Invert the cake onto a heat safe platter and let sit for another five minutes. Remove pan. Serve warm or cool completely. Slice with the Serrated Bread Knife and serve with the Slice 'N Serve.

Cook's Tips: If using a microwave oven without a built-in turntable, rotate cake a quarter turn once after each 3-minute interval of cooking.

Consultant's Tip: 2 cups of sour cream is more than 16 ounces. A 16-oz. container of sour cream actually holds only 1 2/3 cups. This may or may not cause a problem in a recipe; for example, for a dip the flavor might be a little more intense, but for a cake, the difference could affect the results. For years, I've made this cake with just the 16-oz. container of sour cream. It works but now discovering that a 16-oz. container isn't 2 cups, this cake will be much moister than it already is with an exact 2 cups of sour cream.

If desired, you can create a really easy glaze for this cake. You'll need 1 container (8 oz.) frozen whipped topping, thawed and 1 c. baking chips. Place baking chips and half of the whipped topping in Small Micro-Cooker. Microwave on HIGH 15-30 seconds or until melted; stir until smooth using Stainless Mini Whisk. Drizzle over cake. (Basically, use half the 12 oz. bag of baking chips in your cake and the other half in the glaze. Then you don't have two half-used bags of baking chips and you've got a glaze with a flavor that compliments the cake.)

Julie Smith, Director, #158802 801-209-0476

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